Tuesday, May 09, 2006


chillin with, ibrahim, tchaiko, and dj reborn (l-r)

dave, lee anne, and miguel from "top chef" (l-r)

We kicked it tonight. After our talk at Columbia University, we went to the “Rude vs. Grub” party at APT in money-makin' Manhattan. Anna and are friends with three of the party’s organizers—Tchaiko Omawale, Ibrahim Abdul Matin (who wrote a dope book review of Grub), and Tyler Askew--and they wanted to celebrate the publication of Grub.

When I walked in, people were downin’ “Original Rude Grub Cocktails” like they were water. I joined them, chopped it up with folks, and got my dance on. Anna came a few hours later and we partied even harder. Even some cast members from "Top Chef" showed up. DJ Reborn only spun during the open bar hour, but she set the night off proper. Dustin Ross took the photographs above.

Thanks for the support Rude crew.