Monday, May 08, 2006

Grub Meet Grub

So we had our lawyers talk to their lawyers and we all agreed, all is good in the Grub-land. No, seriously, we've been hearing about this party for a year now, a monthly get together with cheap food, that the folks who pull it off call, Grub. A few minutes on my bike, down toward the water and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and I found myself at the loft that houses the monthly party. The key to their Grub party, I realize when I meet Jeff Stark (w/ me on the left), one of the coordinators, is that most of the food they serve they got for free. Read: from a Dumpster. Or, in the case of NYC post-Giuliani, from bags left on the sidewalk. (Giuliani banned those onsightly Dumpsters years ago.) Apparently, Brooklyn Heights is where the good stuff is. "We choose it and clean it really well," Jeff assured me. And they cook it well, too. Except for the too-sweet-for-my taste "Cookie Mash," every dish -- from the arepas with chipotle sauce to the garlicky kale -- was delicious. And everyone who turned out last night -- by my count about forty of us -- got some good Grub. After dinner, we scaled a ladder to the roof and caught the New York City skyline and this roof art (below). Couldn't have said it better ourselves. --al