Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Keba, Arty and Me

Keba, Arty, and Me

Keba took this photo summer of 2005

Yesterday I was at the Berkeley’s Farmer’s Market when I ran into Keba Konte, a brilliant photographer and co-owner of Guerilla Café in Berkeley’s famed “Gourmet Ghetto.” (Keba took the above portrait shot of me last summer in the People's Grocery's 55th Street Garden in Oakland.) I was buying veggies from Full Belly Farm when I saw Keba buying about 10 huge trays of free-range eggs for his café from Ludwig Avenue Farm. Keba introduced me to the farmer, an older brother named Art Davis, and we all talked about the benefits of using hen eggs for baking.

Contact Art Davis:
1211 Ludwig Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 9540

--big thangs