Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Sticking Her Neck Out - Denise O'Brien for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture

Had a meeting today with my new hero, Denise O'Brien. An organic farmer for thirty years, she's running for Sec of Ag in Iowa. Her state has the dubious claim-to-fame of being one of the country's most polluted--90 percent of which comes from ag. Every year, water contaminated with E. coli, nitrogen, and phosphorus from Iowa industrial farms run-off the land into the waterways, the Mississippi and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico. If she wins, she'll promote sustainable ag in the state and work on behalf of small family farmers. If you have a few bucks and want to support a critical political campaign this season, consider supporting Denise--whether you live in Iowa, or not. She is one of those rare candidates willing to step out and speak up on behalf of all of us. For the next forty days she and her homegrown campaign team (her daughter moved home to help on the campaign), will pull out all the stops. I, for one, will support her any way I can. --Anna