Saturday, April 29, 2006

Grub Party Mav-Style

Spent the night throwing a Grub party for guests at Maverick Farms. Started by old friends who took over the family farm, Maverick is making a go of organic farming in rural North Carolina. Like most of the small farmers we've met, their income comes from a range of direct-to-consumer stuff, like their CSA, selling to area restaurants, and monthly farm dinners. For the Grub party we hosted, the Mav Team made a delectable sorrel soup, watercress salad with quinoa and lentil cold salads, too. For dessert we were served up blueberry tart and apple pie. Country living never tasted so good. After the Grub dinner guests left and the reading was over, we stayed up late watching this classic projected onto the wall of the farmhouse.

Mav-ers Alice Brooke Wilson and Sara Safransky before the guests arrive.