Thursday, October 12, 2006

Zero Hunger!

The last time I saw Adriana Aranha was in her packed municipal offices in Belo Horizonte, Brazil after another long and completely jaw-dropping day visiting programs the city had created to meet their commitment to make good, healthy food a basic right of citizenship for everyone.

Now, just five years later, Adriana is working on the national level in the Fome Zero/Zero Hunger campaign to ensure all Brazilians have the right to food and food sovereignty.

We helped bring her up to Vancouver and join more than 900 other folks from North America (and South Korea, Australia, South Africa, and more) to share solutions to ending hunger.

We had dinner with other colleagues from the conference, including South Koreans who had read the Korean translation of Hope's Edge!

Photo: Adriana Aranha from Brazil and Cecilia Rocha from Ryerson University at the Community Food Security Coalition Conference in Vancouver.