Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Feeding the Future in paperback

Cruising around New York City yesterday, I saw this book in its paperback form on the new non-fiction table at a Barnes & Noble. (Just browsing! Just browsing! I've been (almost) true to my commitment this year to only support our independent bookstore chains. My demise always seems to happen in airports.)

This anthology of essays about what's wrong with our food system and ideas for righting those wrongs was published in hard copy a couple of years ago. My mother and I contributed a chapter based on our experiences meeting the amazing folks on the trail of Hope's Edge. I definitely don't agree with every chapter in here -- it is a collected anthology of differing views after all -- but it's a great read and an interesting take from our Northern neighbors. (It's published by a Canadian press). Here's the description from the publisher. --Anna

Feeding The Future: From Fat to Famine: How to Solve the World's Food Crises
From global famine to fast-food fat, from mad cows to missing cod, can ingenuity solve the world's food crises? How can we all manage to eat well and stay healthy? The contributors, who include William Illsey Atkinson, Kelly D. Brownell, Gene Kahn, Stuart Laidlaw, Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe, Ian MacLachlan, Carl Safina, and David Wheeler, offer practical solutions to issues ranging from industrial farming and sustainability to food-related diseases and nutrition. Their examples of ingenuity encompass emerging technologies, business models for sustainable food production, and solutions to the world's obesity epidemic, and they debate the merits of controversial techniques such as the use of genetically modified organisms. By offering useful, workable solutions to the problems of food, Feeding the Future is satisfying one of our most pressing needs.