Thursday, November 15, 2007

Marion Nestle and Milk-n-Honey

marion nestle and me (note the paperbacks are out for food politics and what to eat)

Had my third (and last) visit to Milk-n-Honey. As I told the actors, I was just getting used to seeing them so frequently, I'm gonna miss them!

For the After-Show Cafe, I hosted a wide-ranging conversation with the audience and Marion Nestle. After a brief break for all of us to pour ourselves cups of steeping hot fair-trade coffee, we settled back into our seats and pondered some of the play's themes. We talked about diabetes and New York City bodegas trying to stock healthier foods, and we talked about the role of the pharmaceutical industry profiting off of ill health.

When someone asked Marion's advice about what we can do to make change beyond just choosing more health-supportive foods, Marion didn't skip a beat. "My favorite political action these days is working to ban advertising junk food to kids." That might seem like a radical idea in a country where kids entertainment--from TV to DisneyWorld--is intricately linked to the junk food industry, but in a lot of European countries, this is just a given. Anyone game?

It was a really fun night and I got to see lots of old and new friends. I'll end with Marion's final words: "Go out and do something!"