Monday, May 21, 2007


Hey everyone - the National Organic Standards Board has just proposed allowing 38 new non-organic substances in organic-labelled foods. They have a public comment period about this decision open until 5pmEST tomorrow. If you want to learn more about the proposal, visit My two cents is below if you want to add yours:
To comment, go to, search for AMS-TM-07-0062, and submit your comment by clicking on the bubble on the right of the screen ("add comment").
I am writing as a conscious eater to lodge my concerns about the approval of 38 new non-organic agricultural products to be allowed in organic foods. Through my recent work speaking to audiences across the country about sustainable agriculture and organic production, I heard again and again the consensus among U.S. consumers that they want strict standards for organic foods, and that when they see the USDA label the expect those strict standards to be in place.

If there are to be additions of conventionally produced substances into the allowed list, there must be thorough independent unbiased review of the environmental and health impacts of the practices used to grow these crops, raise these animals, and make these products. To date, my understanding is that the NOSB has not received adequate, unbiased information on these additional substances .

Thank you for upholding the integrity of the standard.
Anna Lappe, Brooklyn, NY