Friday, May 04, 2007

If You See Something, Say Something

I checked out this exhibit at Hunter College last night with my friend Danny. Lots of cool exhibits, but these two were my favorite: The Guerrilla Nutrition Label folks are out to re-label products on supermarket shelves with labels that tell you about what's really important on the inside. So far, their stock includes labels for high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats, and sodium benzoate (a food additive/preservative). Print them out and head out to your nearest grocery store yourself.
I also loved the Rejected Letters to the Editor. As someone who has had lots of rejected letters to the editor, this project spoke to my heart. Particularly hilarious was the page on the site that shared the conversation stream in a listserv for letter-to-the-editor editors reacting to the project.
I always like to myself that we all can play a role in shaping the media we see, hear, and read. One of the best feedback loops newspapers have are the letters that we -- the readers (aka consumers) -- send in. Though the vast majority of them never get published, these letters still they provide important info for the paper. Now, we've all got a vast repository for all of those unpublished ones.