Monday, July 10, 2006

Eat Your Way Through Central Park

After Sunday, I'll never walk through Central Park the same way again. I'll want to stop, pick, and eat everything I see. Yup, I did say "eat."

I spent the day on an edible wilds tour of the Park with un-stumpable ethnobotanist Nat Bletter (that's Nat in the blue shirt, smiling).

By the end of the tour, he'd identified over a dozen different plants (including high-enders like a Gingko tree and Burdock root) and gave us samplings of various concoctions he'd made from the same-stuff found edibles, including sassafrass root beer and sauteed mulberry leaves he'd collected from a patch at Driggs and North 7th in Williamsburg.

For lunch, we perched on a rocks above The Boathouse restaurant where diners clinked silverwear and crystal glasses, while we dug into a salad made from freshly picked garlic mustard.