Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Have You Eaten Your Dirt Lately?

Have you you ever eaten dirt? It may not sound as strange to some of you as it does to others. Some of you may even know that cultures across the planet have been eatin' dirt throughout the ages. It's even got a name and various theories about why it may be good for you (as well as controversy about why it may not be the best idea).

I had a chance to talk dirt with Deborah Koons Garcia today over a non-dirt meal of organic salad greens, watercress, roasted pumpkin seeds, shredded beets, and nutritional yeast, at Kripalu where we both were speaking as part of the retreat center's first ever Conscious Kitchens. Following her fantastic -- and ever-more important doc, The Future of Food -- Deborah's turning her filmmaker's eye to... d-i-r-t, or soil, to be exact. She's traipsing the planet interviewing people about the substance that gives us our food. Should be fascinating. I'll be sure to keep you posted!