Friday, February 23, 2007

Who's Here?

Unlike the World Social forums, Nyeleni is an invite-only forum. Unlike most of the invite-only events out there, this isn’t exclusively for the rich or well-connected. The organizers made it a closed Forum so that they could control the size (already 600 people is an amazingly huge number to house and feed every day). It was also a closed Forum so that the organizers could ensure that the delegates were as diverse as possible, with a mix of regions (Europe, North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico), Latin America and Caribbean (without Mexico), Africa, Southeast-East Asia, South Asia, West-Central Asia) and sectors, and a balance between men and women. They succeeded.

Some of the delegates from Nyeleni...

Shasha Sail, World March of Women (India)

Muhammad Ikhwan, Federation of Indonesian Peasant Union (Indonesia)

Ayumi Kinezuka, farmer, Japan Family Farmers Movement (Japan)

Arthur Williams, Friends of the Earth (Sierra Leone)

Omer Doana, Union of Agricultural Workers Committees (Palestine)

Xiomara Agiular de Zelaya, Coordinadora Nacional de Officiales en Retiro (Nicaragua)
Sven Borkhus, Mayor of Alvdal, Norway

Fanta Sinayoko from Selingue, one of the masterminds of the meals for Nyeleni