Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eat Industry Film Benefit (NYC)

When Lilach Dekel and her husband had their first child, they started asking questions about where their food came from and how to ensure the best food for their new babe. For these two filmmakers, the obvious way to explore that question was digital, so the couple set out in a mobile home with their 2-year old daughter to find out first-hand about our food system and document it all on tape. Along the way, they experience a positive pregnancy test, a mal-functioning mobile-home kitchen, and many heart-wrenching conversations with farmers. The result (I've seen rough cuts over the past couple of years) is a profoundly human take on a food system that too often feels too distant. If you're in Brooklyn on JANUARY 24th, meet Lilach and see samples from the film while you nibble on treats from The Farm. Click here for details. --Anna