Monday, November 27, 2006

The Grub Food Quiz

This is what I realized mid-way through the readings tonight at the gritty Bowery Poetry Club: Grub is both rant and rhapsody. This revelation came to me as I waited my turn to take the stage for a friend's monthly Rant/Rhapsody reading series. After reading a few of my favorite passages from Grub, I brought up a willing volunteer from the audience who tried his hand at this quiz. The prize if he got 7 of 10 correct? A copy of Grub, of course. Here's the quiz. How would you do? Answers will be posted shortly. --Anna

1. What’s the new job of Rob Horsch, former Monsanto VP?
a) Deputy Administrator, EPA
b) Senior Program Officer, Gates Foundation
c) Deputy Administrator, USDA
d) Member, National Organic Standards Board

2. Who said: “There is not one grain of anything in the world that is sold in the free market. Not one. The only place you see a free market is in the speeches of politicians”?
a) President Richard Nixon
b) Dwayne Andreas, Archer Daniel Midlands Chairman
c) Senator Tom Harkin from Iowa
d) Richard Crowder, US Trade Rep and Chief Agricultural Negotiator, former Monsanto VP

3. Philip Morris spent millions rebranding itself in the wake of Big Tobacco lawsuits with which brilliant new corporate name?
a) Humana
b) Virtua
c) Respira
d) Altria
e) Beneficia

4. What’s Hawaii’s most popular food?
a) Spam sushi
b) “Spamburger”
c) Chicken-fried Spam
d) Spam poo poo platter

5. Match the Tagline: “Nature Talks, We Listen”
a) Dow
b) Syngenta
c) Dupont
d) Monsanto
e) Biotechnology Industry Organization

6. Match the Tagline: “Biotechnology—A Big Word That Means Hope”
a) Dow
b) Novartis
c) Dupont
d) Monsanto
e) Biotechnology Industry Organization

7. What percentage of non-GMO cucumbers seed does Monsanto now control?
a) 18%
b) 28%
c) 38%
d) 58%

8. From this list, name the countries that don’t require GMO labeling?
1) United States
2) China
3) Canada
4) Australia
5) France
6) All of the above

9. What’s the likelihood that an African-American or Latino child born in the U.S. will develop Type II diabetes?
a) 1 in 3
b) 1 in 5
c) 1 in 8
d) 1 in 10

10. How many toys does McDonalds sell or give away every year?
a) 250 million
b) 500 million
c) 1 billion
d) 1.5 billion

Bonus Question: Which do we have more of… prisoners or farmers?