Monday, September 11, 2006

The Nation Does Food

I've been working this summer as a consulting editor on a Nation magazine issue on food... and it just hit newsstands. The issue includes a forum with Alice Waters. Waters asked leading thinkers about food, How do we fix our dysfunctional relationship with food? Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, Peter Singer and others, weigh in. (See One Thing to Do About Food: A Forum). Nation contributor Liza Featherstone takes on the Wal-Mart/Organic question and my mom explores the idea of food as a human right. Check out the whole issue for all of the great articles and visit this link to see my version of Monopoly: MONSANTOPOLY.
Thanks to all of you who helped with ideas and submissions! If you'd like copies of the issue, we might have some available. Please be in touch via email.