Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Precautionary Principle Gains a Foothold in Mendocino County

Northern California's Mendocino County became the second county in the country to adopt an environmental Precautionary Principle Policy, which is a "guiding framework for decision-making that anticipates how actions will affect the environment and the health of future generations."

Friend, Britt Bailey, Director of the Environmental Commons says: “I am very proud of today’s decision. For the past eight months we have been involved in the study of this Principle in concert with county officials. We all knew we liked the ideas behind the Principle but were unsure how the values could be placed into daily decision-making. In the end, we have built a relationship with our government—and this relationship has allowed for thoughtful discussion and an increased understanding of the ways in which we can work together to protect the beauty and ecology of our county as well as the values of its residents.”

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